My work in the Parliament

My work in the European parliament consist of being a vice-chair of the Committee of Agriculture and Rural Development and and a member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism.

Furthermore, I also work as the vice-chair of the Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee (D-RU) and as a substitute member of the Delegation for Relations with Canada.

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

The Committee is responsible for EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), animal health and welfare, plant health, agricultural products quality and forestry. The fundamental goals of EU’s Common Agricultural Policy are to ensure an adequate standard of living for producers and to enable food production in all parts of the EU, including its northernmost regions.

Committee on Transport and Tourism

The committee is responsible for matters relating to the development of a common policy for rail, road, inland waterway, maritime and air transport. In addition it deals with postal services and tourism.

Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee

The delegation is responsible for maintaining and developing the European Parliament’s relations with Russia, including its parliamentary institutions, civil society and scientific community. The European Parliament’s delegations promote democracy, human rights and the values and interests of the EU beyond its borders.

Delegation for Relations with Canada

The delegation is responsible for maintaining the EU’s relations with Canada, one of the EU’s closest partners. For over 40 years, the delegation has organized annual joint meetings of the two parliaments.

Renew Europe

My political group in the European Parliament is called Renew Europe, which includes Finnish MEPs from the Centre Party and the Swedish People’s Party of Finland. The new group was formed after the 2019 European Parliament elections on the basis of the former Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe group.

The group’s influence in the European Parliament grew significantly as a result of the elections: we went from 67 representatives to 108 parliamentarians. This makes Renew Europe the third largest political group in the European Parliament.

The goal of our group is to renew Europe through cooperation. We believe that economic growth, sustainability of the environment, fair competition and responsibility go hand in hand.

Elsi Katainen
MEP, Euroopan parlamentin jäsen
+32 (0) 2 28 45361
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